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  • Vienna ethanol fireplace is a copy of our popular Bellezza mini fireplace but now with all the approvals you have been asking for. Vienna is UL/CUL approved and won’t cause any installation issues in some states that has requirements. This fireplace comes with our 1.3 liter ethanol burner and provides you with 5,000 btu’s per hour.
  • Lima ethanol fireplace is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and comes with our 1.3 liter UL/CUL ethanol fireplace burner. Lima fireplace will provide you with a little bit of all, comfort heat and the look. This Recessed ethanol fireplace is one of our smaller fireplaces yet one of the bestselling fireplaces out there. This Fireplace has a sharp look due to its full stainless steel body and will look great in any décor.
  • Tempo is a two tone portable fireplace. The outside of Tempo comes in the powder coated black and stainless on the inside. It comes with our 1.5 Liter burner that will provide you with 6000 btu’s of heat per hour. This unit will burn nonstop for 5 hours and could be adjusted to 10 with our controlled ethanol burner. It could be place anywhere in your home and will lay itself into any interior design.
  • Antalia ethanol fireplace doesn’t only have a nice name but also looks good. What really stands out on this fireplace is the all-around black tempered glass and will looks like a picture frame on your wall. Antalia ethanol fireplace has all the approvals you could possibly ask for, The UL and CUL are both US and Canadian safety standards. Antalia Fireplace will provide you with 5000 btu of heat and will burn for 5 hours nonstop per re-fill.
  • Tokio Recessed ethanol fireplace is made of Powder coated steel and covered with 304 stainless steel frame. Tokio ethanol fireplace is a smaller fireplace that could be hanged literally anywhere in your home or office. Tokio comes with a 1.3 liter double wall construction stainless steel burner and is UL/CUL approved. Not only that this fireplace looks grate it also provides 5,000 BTU of heat.
  • Lisbon free standing ethanol fireplace is another free standing fireplace that is CUL approved. Lisbon is a copy of our Tectum Mini fireplaces with less heat of 5000 btu and five hours of burn time. Lisbon free standing fireplace could be place anywhere in the house and heat the colder rooms plus add the subject to talk about. Lisbon fireplace comes with everything that you need to start it up.
  • Make the most use of the space you have with this Quadra Fireplace that only protrudes 4.5 inches from your wall. This unit can be hung easily on any wall where you want to add a stylish look.
  • Cozy up to the warm feel of this Ferrum Fireplace. This sleek, modern fireplace features a solid stainless steel top plate and an attractive glass shield for a look that is contemporary and chic. Its design makes it possible to enjoy the open flame and atmosphere of a traditional fireplace without the the need for wiring or vents.
  • Go for an inviting look in any room by hanging this Ater SS Fireplace on your wall. This beautiful wall mount fireplace is easy to hang and features a sleek modern design with a glass safety shield that is held up by a stainless steel shelf for a look that is chic and up-to-the-minute.
  • Unearth a new look in your modern décor with the addition of this beautiful Vitrum H Red Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace. This unique model features clear glass that allows you to more clearly see the flame inside and that gives it the appearance that it is just floating there for everyone to enjoy.
  • Put heat right where its needed with this Tectum Mini White Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace that doesn't need a vent, chimney, gas line, or electric line for installation. The sleek white metal design of this fireplace will win your heart right away, since it will blend in nicely with nearly any decorative setting.
  • Bring your room to life with the addition of this modern Tectum Mini Black Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace. This freestanding ethanol fireplace is ventless, and it requires no chimney, no gas line, and no electric line. It offers clean-burning heat that will keep your warm and cozy for hours with just one refill.
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