Mini Track Ultra Low-Profile Screen Porch System

The smallest, most discrete screen porch system on the market.

A Mini Track screen porch kit consists of the aluminum channel, screws, screen and a special square spline that attaches the screen to the channel. People love Mini Track because it mounts discretely on the inside of the porch framing for a clean look with unlimited trim options.

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Mini Track Installation
White Mini Track Channel
Mini Track Channel

8-ft length of 3/4-in square aluminum channel

Available on backorder: Ships week of August 23

Mini Track Screws
Mini Track Screws

100 pack of Mini Track screws


Dual tool for installing spline and trimming screen.

Mini Track Spline
Square Spline

300-ft square spline to attach screen to Mini Track channel

Fiberglass Porch Screen
SuperScreen Porch Screen

Premium SuperScreen porch screen