Basketweave Wood Screen Door


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Decorative insert screen doors are available in both wood and solid vinyl. Simply select your door finish then customize by selecting an insert that matches your style.


  • Full-view upper screen maximizes outdoor visibility and allows you to use natural sunlight to brighten your home, reducing energy costs
  • Ready to paint or stain, so you can coordinate with your home’s design
  • Removable screen makes painting or repairing your screen door hassle-free
  • Hinged movement makes it easy to open and close, so you can bring fresh air into your home and keep bugs out
  • Easy-to-trim frame allows you to customize your screen door’s dimensions up to 3/8-in. off sides and top, and 1-in. off bottom
  • Manufacturer warranty covers any defects such as deterioration or warping of door
  • Sealant recommended

Additional information

Door Width

32-in, 36-in

Insert Color/Finish

Black, White

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